New customer awareness & responsibility on Kirolbet

Kirolbet is a pioneer on online and land-based betting in Spain


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Kirolbet is a pioneer on online and land-based betting in Spain. Getting complied with the most recent rules and legilations about gambling (and betting) throughout spanish territories, Kirolbet is respecting both its customers and state police.

Indeed, Basque Country bookmaker Kirolbet has launched the second phase of its responsible gambling campaign on June 2019. Kirolbet utilises its regional sports partnerships to raise awareness of "gambling risks and compulsive behaviours".

  • It is a matter of high priority for Kirolbet to protect vulnerable individuals from high risk stakes that would pose their property and/or mental health in jeopardy.

Kirolbet intends to be the next king of betting in Spain and therefore, Kirolbet builds a healthy and well-protected environment, more friendly to the user/customer.

Issuing a market update, Kirolbet leadership has launched new responsibility specific campaign "Haz Caso a los Capitanes" – "Pay Attention to your Captain" across its -land-based- retail and digital properties.

The Basque Country campaign forms part of KirolBet’s 2019 corporate directive "Por un juego etico y responsable" – delivering "ethical and responsible play". Kirolbet takes ethical issues very seriously and likes its customers to really enjoy the betting experience on its platform without any harmful side-effects.

Kirolbet has debuted its new campaign in the beginning of June 2019 and continues to apply strict responsible strategy about autonomous restrictions and customer awareness and responsibility, as Spanish regulator DGOJ announced its new "three-year strategy", raising all-around licensee standards on responsible gambling practices and improving player safety frameworks.

  • We feel we need to remind that industry advertising still remains a contentious issue across Spain’s autonomous regions. Spanish government has committed to delivering an overhaul of Spain’s advertising and marketing code, focusing on regulating gambling advertising practices, but there are not steady and irreversible actions to be applied.

Despite governmental policy, Spain’s regional governments have moved to enforce new advertising restrictions across autonomous community properties.

In May 2019, the executives of Madrid and the Basque Country indeed confirmed that regional broadcasters TeleMadrid and EITB would terminate all forms of betting advertising.

Further developments saw Galicia's regional government confirm this June that it would terminate all betting-related sponsorships/partnerships with Galician sports clubs.

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