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Since you need a webpage to help you win on betting more often, you should definitely enter the world of! webpage, working on 2 different languages at the moment (English and Greek) provides the following services:


Take the multiple choice betting quizzes of BetQuiz service calculates mood, risk taking, odds offering, stake placing, way of betting and mental characteristics of every user to provide the appropriate betting forecast that suits to each personality.

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Personal Betting Predictions provides daily Personal Betting Predictions for all users, characters and personalities.

Personal Betting Predictions suit to all demands and are called Personal, because are extracted based to personal mental characteristics besides all other factors.

Types of Personal Betting Predictions:

  • 3-day full time result market
  • Over/Under & Goal/goal - No goal
  • Draws
  • Half time/Full time bets
  • Special bets

What Personal Betting Predictions take into consideration:

  • Preview game news
  • Teams form
  • Head-to-head past meetings comparison
  • Odds comparison/Live odds trends

Factors for the extraction of Personal Betting Predictions per user:

  • Stake available
  • Risk taking calculation
  • Return of investment (ROI)
  • Value bet
  • Way of placing bets (Single bet, doubles, twins, parlays, trixies etc.)
  • Mental characteristics of users

Live Odds Market

Live Odds Market service in provides the ability to watch live trends on global odds of every single event of pre-match football sportsbook, available for betting in online bookmakers' websites.

You can watch more than 2.000 football events per day and follow changes in odds (in 3-way full time result market) 24 hours a day.

Live Odds Market service in is available only for registered users

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Fill in your username and password and watch Live Odds Market service in from your personal computer, laptop, tablet, iPhone, Blackberry or Android smartphone the initial odds in each protential of 3-way full time market. Simultaneously, you can watch the live odds changing and trend for each odd in every pre-match sportsbook football event on the current daily programme.

Live Odds Market service uses a tool that amalgamates initial & live odds offered from 271 bookmakers throughout the world.

You can watch the initial odd and after that, live fluctuation on all odds.

Live Odds Market table sorting:

  • By date and time
  • By country
  • In alphabetical order
  • By initial odd (descenting/ascenting)
  • WaBy odds changing range (descenting/ascenting, initial odd compared to live odd)

You can enjoy full Pack services from 3 different devices/month (pc, laptop, tablet, iPhone, Blackbery, any Android smartphone, TV etc.) for each user.

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Among other subscription-paid websites that offer betting services, webpage offers the safest transactions and supports 3 different 100% reliable payment gateways: credit/debit/prepaid cards, bank wire transfers, PayPal transactions. In Greek territory, only webpage supports bank card payments among websites of this particular section! See the Pricing!

Get real time updates directly on you device, subscribe now.

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