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Terms and Conditions of Use for webpage betsuperb.com & privacy policy


Personal data privacy policy is declared as part of the official Terms of Use of webpage https://www.betsuperb.com, aka betsuperb.com.

Privacy Policy includes all personal data collected by visitors / users / members of webpage betsuperb.com during visiting the website and using the services of livetoday. Collection and / or edit of personal data of any visitor / user / member of betsuperb.com are being set and regulated by the current Privacy Policy.

If the visitor of this webpage does not agree with the terms and conditions, has the right to decline registration procedure and/or the creation of personal account in the webpage/application. The visitor can also follow the Exception Procedure, as described in next chapter. The current Privacy Policy by all means does not include the relationship between visitors/users/members of website/application and any potential service that is not on the property and control of webpage betsuperb.com.

By sending e-mail to any of the e-mail addressed of livetoday or to any other e-mail account, platform or entity under the ownership of KV Advertising and Content services personal company is automatically considered as full acceptance of the Terms of Use under any circumstances.


Every visitor can browse the webpage/application without enclosing any personal details or information. Personal data such as name, surname, e-mail address, e-mail content, date of birth and any other relevant information of personal issuance may be needed only if a visitor wishes to register in the webpage/application, so as to use any type of services provided. Personal data may be needed for any other relevant service usage, complementary to other services, which needs member registration procedure.

betsuperb.com webpage preserves any right to store the IP address of any visitor and if needed, webpage may contact ISP provider in case of Terms of Use of webpage/application violation.



To use betsuperb.com services, certain personal data or information collection is necessary. Personal dat may include data or pieces of information that describe or discriminate personal identity of each individual, such as name, surname, e-mail address or other data that can be connected with the identity of a person (e.g. mobile phone number).

This data may be used for crosschecking unique users with one single identity and intellectual property per person. The target of this procedure is unique and personalized advertisements, messages, personal and personalized messages or any other type of content and digital content display. betsuperb.com may also collect data that may not discrimate personal identity of the individual, but are digitally connected with each particular user (e.g. IP addresses, browsing platforms, operation systems, cookies, advertising IDs, types of device connected to the internet, device checkers and identifiers etc.).

The registration procedure in webpage/application and the usage of any service available demands comsuming a minimum volume of personal data spent and conceded, as described in section 5. The previous allowance and yiled is provided only for the time that registration ability in webpage/application remains active.

The webpage/application may collect the provided information from visitors, users and/or members of the webpage/application during visiting the webpage and/or downloading the application. Registration in website betsuperb.com, together with personal data allowance, is optional. Some of the characteristics or service packages of rhe webpage/application may not be available to non-registered users or visitors. Moreover, the webpage/application can automatically collect information, including the type of mobile phone device, device unique ID, IP address, operation system, browsing platforms and any other information relevant to the way of using any service of webpage/platform.

When a user or a member is using the application, system may use GPS tracking services to locate current destination of each user or member, so as to verify the address of each user or member and therefore, to display relevant messages, digital messages, advertisements, advertising impressions, unique advertising IDs or any other piece of digital information relevant to the destination information, based on application advertising messaging functionability.

The webpage/application is also keeping the hash between the e-mail address of the user/member and the website/application, which is identified during contact of two sides. This particular piece of information is being stored so as to confirm the right of deletion towards digital memory oblivion for each user/member and the proper archiving of registration, re-registration, deletion requests from each visitor/user/member. E-mail hash is not considered as personal data information and moreover, e-mail hash cannot be decrypted because it initially includes one-way encryption.


Any personal data condeced by any user or member of the webage/application on any digital space or form is exclusively used only for the verification of the transaction of service package permission and functionability, plus for the legitimacy of any transaction. The personal data collected cannot be used on behalf of any other third party, unless cases described on European Union relevant legal chapters Data Protection Directive (95/46/EC), ePrivacy directive (2002/58/EC, τροπ. 2009/136/EC) and/or greek law L. 2472/97 are enabled, as valid on current date and time, as far as current data personal data protection on European Union space is concerned. Once a user or a member starts using any service package of webpage/application, it is possible to be asked to concede more pieces of information for statistical reasons, unattached to each user or member verifying personal data. This practice is acting accordingly to greek and European Union laws and personal information policy.


Every user or member preserves the right to ask for his exception of personal data collection. Every user or member can also ask for the deletion of his own veryfing personal data that has been collected till the moment that the deletion is being asked for. The user or member can claim this particular right by sending a e-mail to e-mail address admin@betsuperb.com Personal and other data collection by the application may me directly terminated after uninstalling the relevant application from any device. To ask for uninstallation, any user or member has to follow the prodecure enabled by any relevant device, operation system, online store, ISP provider or phone services provider. Each visitor or user of the webpage/application also preserves the right to ask for his exception of Google Cookies data collection, by editing his personal settings on Google Ads Settings application. Each visitor or user of the webpage/application also preserves the right to ask for his exception from data collection of third parties that collect information through Network Advertising Initiative service. If a visitor, a user or a member does not wish his geographical position to be stored, he can deactivate any location service on settings ot his device.


Webpage betsuperb.com clearly declares the compliance with european union directive GDPR: Accordingly to greek law L. 2472/1997, every visitor, user or member of the website/application preserves the right to access his personal data collected from the website/application and the right to oppose to editing and usage of his own personal data collected for any reason. Every visitor, user or member also preserves the right to unregister from personal data lists and/or data entry files that website betsuperb.com has on its property. Every visitor, user or member can also ask for the deletion of his own personal data. In case that you want or need to use these rights, you are kindly asked to send an e-mail that describes any of the previous rights on e-mail address admin@betsuperb.com on through mail on the following address:


KV Advertising and content services



betsuperb.com webpage provides the option of account deletion to capture oblivion of user/member identity, if needed. After the deletion of the account, any personal data or user/member history is deleted from betsuperb.com database/lists and data entry files, along with server databases.

After the completed deletion of your personal account, betsuperb.com keeps one single element: E-mail hash is continuing to be stored, because e-mail hash between the e-mail address of the user/member and the website/application is not considered as personal data information and moreover, e-mail hash cannot be decrypted because it initially includes one-way encryption.


betsuperb.com webpage may collect or transmit any personal data to third parties, in one of the following cases, accordingly to greek and European Union laws and directives:


betsuperb.com webpage is possible to cooperate with web or mobile app statistics companies and applications so as to help betsuperb.com understand the way visitors/users/members use the webpage and its services. This case includes statistics recording, such as visits frequency and spending time on each visit in the webpage/application.

betsuperb.com webpage is cooperating with other advertising companies, advertising agencies and third-party advertisers, which preserve the right to be adminrmed about the way visitors/users/member interact with the webpage/application. They use a respectful amount of the information they receive, besides device unique ID and mobile phone number in some of the cases.

For protection of the anonymity of information, webpage betsuperb.com uses encryption technology, so as to reassure that third parties cannot cross-identify identities and profiles of the individuals. The collaborators of the webpage/application may also collect anonymous information regarding other webpages or applications visited by betsuperb.com visitors, users or members. They may also access information about applications being installed on visitors/users/members devices or any other internet website or application being used, visited or interacted, location being visited, coordinates of visitors/users/members physical position, in order to display advertisements of current interest inside the webpage/application, or through outsourcing services. Encrypted personal data may be shared to partners or collaborates of the webpage/application or be combined with other common information available about visitors/users/members so as to either display relevant advertising units or regarding stastical reasons. The collaborators/partners/buyers of webpage/application does not retain full and endless access to encrypted personal data and they have complied in advance with greek and European Union relevant laws and directives. Any users or members of the website/application that wish to be excluded from personal data information sharing need to follow the instructions and procedure of chapter 3.3 EXCEPTION PROCEDURE.


betsuperb.com does not share or transfer data to third parties or partners agents for providing services or competitions taken part, or to claim any advertising or other current offer provided by the webpage/application. Personal data information of users and members are edited only by KV Advertising and content services and are being shared and transferred excusively only between websites of KV Advertising and content services personal company property. Information sharing between partners and collaborations of the webpage/application that use API or other way of plugging-in services and platforms, browsing and presenting full content of webpage betsuperb.com and any other relevant application being connected with betsuperb.com.


Inside the website/application each visitor/user/member retains the ability of social media sharing tools/websites/application or any other relevant tools, so as to share any of visitor/user/member actions inside the webpage/application or throughout other webpages, applications, digital sites or mass media and web portals and vice versa. The usage of this particular ability allows exchanging information with social media friends or general public users, depending on the setting being stored on each user or member personal profile.

Please advise the privacy policy and setting of each social media websites or application regarding personal data collection, usage and edit issues.


betsuperb.com may collaborate with partners that use and provide SDK technology for mobile devices, including OneSignal Messaging SDK application, which are helpful for sorting, editing and profiling of personalised notifications, messages, e-mails, digital messages, mass messages and advertising units to visitors/users/members of the webpage/application.

This particular data may be used for unique identification process of personal profiles of users and members, in order to display personalised and targeted advertising units, messages, mass messages, digital messages, notification or relevant content. The permission that a user and/or a member is driven to grant may include personal data information, in particular the e-mail address of each user/member.

The precedent information may include the exact physical location and position of each individual that acts as visitor, user or member of the website/application, plus WiFi networks information, installled/uninstalled/preferred or recently deleted applications, unique IDs of each device, personal account and/or application (e.g. Android Advertising ID) Exception Procedure: Exception from OneSignal Push Notifications. You can be excluded from receiving notifications and/or any messages, by changing settings on your device as far as notifications, downloads and current internet data are concerned. On each device, you may browse on Settings icon. Changing of settings may be done for only one or more websites/applications. (Possible formats of devices settings or devices updates may change the location and the procedure of storing edits and exceptions on settings). Exception of personalized advertising units and advertisements through mobile devices. You can be excluded from personalized advertising units and advertisements through mobile devices, which use unique identification trackers of mobile devices in order to display personalized advertising units and advertisements based on visitor/user/member unique profiling and personal interests. You can be excluded from these particular advertising units, by entering Google Settings or Settings Icon or Unique Google Settings Icon on your mobile device operation system. Then, you can choose Display Ads selection and afterwards, you can activate the particular choice of Exception of preferred Ads of personalized interest. (Possible formats of devices settings or devices updates may change the location and the procedure of storing edits and exceptions on settings).


In case of selling, unification, collaboration, management transfer or change, liquidation, sharing, merge or transfer of major business sectors, or other major enterpreneurial change in ownership and/or management of website betsuperb.com, the website/application preserves the right to transfer/sell/provide information being collected by the website/application to third parties, that participate in the new status-quo of management and/or ownership of the website/application. For previous actions all right are reserved, under discretion of all individuals or legal entities involved. In these particular cases, website betsuperb.com is committed and obliged to adminrm all users and members of the website/application before extracting and giving access to personal data information of them, based to a renewed Privacy Policy, if created.


betsuperb.com may concede access and personal data information, after legal subpoena from juridicial, police and any other administration principles and institutions under the folllowing circumstances:

- Certain greek or European Union laws and directives compliance

- Goverment researches compliance (or other researches of any kind conducted by legal, state, government or non-government, county, local, municipality, internet protection or other independent principles compliance)

- Legal valid juridicial or law procedure compliance

- Property, enterpreneurial, business and legal rights protection against webpage/application and/or against users/members of website/application

Every user and member has the right of information and opposition about articles 11, 13 of law L. 2472/1997 (Greek Law) about personal data information protection and privacy compliance.



In order to create an account on the webpage/application, each visitor needs to declare an e-mail address, which is used as a username as well and a password. The visitor can optionally add city and country or residence and favorite bookmaker information. During the registration procedure, each visitor can provide more personal information, such as date of birth and mobile or other phone number. This previous information are considered to be shared under his own willing. After the registration, all personal data of the new personal account are possible to be shown or edited at any time or date, without any other obligation of the visitor, which can now be considered as user. Each user can communicate with webpage betsuperb.com and ask for password change. The user can alos change his password at any time by himself. However, betsuperb.com gr preserves the right to select the way of communication with users or members and change the procedure, terms and conditions of changing personal data and providing services of the webpage/application that do not need registration or signing in procedure.


Any user or member of webpage betsuperb.com has the ability to optionally make comments and any specific comments and ratings about the service provided. When the service completes access to the personal data of each user/member, after the registration, betsuperb.com preserves the right to share user/member name and surname, mobile or other phone number and any of the comments into website platform widget/plug-in/comment module, on social media pages or collaborating social media pages and on partners and collaborators/partners/buyers platforms, websites and social media pages, specifically when these actions are necessary for service quality control and errors development and software improvement or update.


betsuperb.com may ask from users and/or members the participation on ratings and competitions, voting actions, researches, surveys or social media ratings actions, together with services provided, as boosting and promotion actions so as to achieve more user registrations. To participate in ratings actions and competition with or without a prize, users and members of the website/application, may be asked to declare more personal information, such as occupation, age, favorite bookmaker, bookmaker ID any any other necessary personal data, that has to do with the particular competition, voting or rating of each time. Each user or member can vote either through the webpage/application, through connected social media pages, groups and services, through Google surveys or through third party surevey agencies, partners and collaborators. This unique and exclusive private entry of opinion, voting and/or rating can only be used for conclusion on public opinion votes and behaviours on specific certain matters, cannot be used on any other purpose and cannot be dispersed, transferred or shared to third parties.


Every visitor, user and member of the webpage/application may have the ability to access third parties webpages or social media webpages, portals and platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, through backlinks, textlinks and buttons inside the website/application. In case any visitor/user/member uses these services or connects into his personal social media accounts through the website/application, he agrees to interact and exchange information with the third party webpages, portals and platforms. Therefore, for these interactions visitors/users/members of the webpage/application may advise the Privacy Policy of each third party website, portal or platform. He may directly contact to the third party websites, portals and platforms for changes, oppositions, deletions and digital oblivion rights, accordingly with their own Privacy Policy. betsuperb.com has no control on these Privacy Policy declarations and is not charged with any responsibility, control or obligation against third parties actions.


The webpage/application uses cookies in order to improve internet browsing and service experience of user and/or member within the website/application. The website/application, its products and services may use cookies, unique device identifiers (like Apple ID For Advertisers on iOS devices, and Android Advertising ID on Android devices), and other tracking technologies (collectively, "Cookies") to distinguish you from other users and better serve you when you return to the webpage/application, product, or service, and to monitor and analyse the usage of the webpage/application, product, or service. Cookies also enable us and our third party partners to track and target the interests of our users to enhance the onsite or in-product experience through content, features, and advertisements.

Along with service providers, the website/application may also use other Internet technologies, such as Flash technologies, Web beacons or pixel tags, and other similar technologies, to deliver or communicate with cookies and track your use of the website/application, as well as serve you ads and personalize/customize your experience when you are using the website/application, when each visitor is browsing other websites where those cookies can be accessed. The webpage/application may also include Web beacons in e-mail messages, newsletters and other electronic communications to determine whether the message has been opened and for other analytics, personalization, and advertising. Adopting additional technologies, the webpage/application may also gather additional information through other methods.

The webpage/application is occasionally sharing information that visitors/users/member have provided to betsuperb.com with service providers, who will de-identify the information and associate it with cookies that enable the website/application to reach users and members. The website/application may also help these service providers place their own cookies, by deploying a cookie that is associated with a 'hashed' value associated with interest-based or demographic data, to permit advertising to be directed to any user and/or member of the website/application on other websites, applications or services.

Most browsers automatically accept cookies, but a visitor/user/member can modify his internet browser setting to decline cookies by visiting the Help portion of his browser's toolbar. The visitor of the webpage betsuperb.com receives automated emerging pop-under window to accept (or decline) cookies. If a visitor/user/member chooses to decline cookies, he has to note that his ability to sign in, customize, or use some of the interactive features of the website/application, product, or service may be impeded, and the advertisement units, that he can access, watch or see, may not be as relevant to him.

Betsuperb.com webpage/application is adminrming audience for the use of cookies to track down separate devices of members / users. It is essential your device/browsers to accept cookies so as to promptly use betsuperb.com services. We strongly recommend against the deletion of cookies from your device/browsers, so as to fully and uninterruptedly use of your assigned service pack. In the particular case that any visitor/member/user of betsuperb.com decides to delete cookies from his/her device or browsers, the visitor/member/user accepts full responsibility for this action, in the circumstance of any idequate licencing in fully and interruptedly use of betsuperb.com services.


Most mobile platforms (iOS, Android, Windows Phone or any other operating system or basic programme for mobile devices) have determined specific types of acceptable data being processed throughout devices. The applications installed in any mobile device cannot access these data without any device owner consent. These platforms already use consenting software to accept or decline. IOS will notify the owner of the device the first time that the website/application is going to ask for access into some kind of personal data, that are stored on each owner' device and ask for consent or decline the request. Android devices are notifying the device owner for rights and possible data access that the website/application requests, before starting using the website/application and its services. Licences, rights and permissions consent may be asked again from device owners, from time to time, due to any potential changes in laws, directives, policies, technologies and procedures.


Every personal computer that connects to the internet is adopting a unique number that is widely known as IP Address (Internet Protocol Address). IP Address is used to provide access to any personal computer (of any visitor/user/member of the website/application) to the internet and therefore, to the website/application as itself. IP Address of each visitor/user/member is stored by the website/application and can be used, if needed, in cas of a violation on Terms and Conditions of Use of th webpage/application betsuperb.com by anyone of the visitors/users/members of the webpage/application.

IP Addresses for visits on webpage betsuperb.com, either under registration or signing in or not, are getting automatically deleted after the elapse of 3-months-time.


Every user or member of the website/application can contact betsuperb.com at any time and with no cost at all, in order to crossexamine and clarify the existence and validation of its personal account. He can also edit account information, change settings and personal data provided either delete the account. He can also ask for exception of his personal data information from digital marketing campaigns and other actions, such as e-mails, messages, mass messages, digital messages and SMS, newsletters, push notifications, OneSignal manifest notifications any notifications of any other kind.

During a random personal information update, betsuperb.com may ask from users and/or members to validate their identity before completing every request. Visitors, users and members under 18 years of age only optionally provide their personal data information.

Each user or member of the website/application is totally and exclusively responsible for the way of using and preservation of the privacy and security of its username and password. He obtains the ability to adminrm betsuperb.com on any violation of his personal account from a third party, company, entity, person or other individual without permission or on any other internet data violation issue.

betsuperb.com operates in accordance with the greek and European Union laws and directives. The webpage/application is complied with procedures of personal data information that a user and/or member is providing to the website/application and privacy protection. This protection is valid only for the time and space that a user and/or a member remains registered in the website/application and is using its services. Only licenced employees or partners of the website/application under the guidance of KV Advertising and content services company are granted for total accesse to personal data information and privacy settings of users and members of the website/application, whenever access to them is concerned as necessary. All personal data information and privacy settings are automatically being deleted after the termination of the relationship between users/members of the website/application and betsuperb.com itself.


betsuperb.com preserves the right to modify, change or update the Privacy Policy Terms and Conditions at any time, without notifying visitors/users/members of the website/application. Any modification, change or update of current Privacy Policy is considered as valid only after is getting published on the website/application. Therefore, any modification, change or update is considered to be accepted from visitors/users/members of the webpage/application, after the first visit, registration or signing in on behalf of visitors/users/members of betsuperb.com.


After the registration of a newq user of the website/application, the system of the webpage/application asks for identification and verification of thw unique e-mail address filled in during the procedure of signing in. betsuperb.com sends an automatic e-mail to the e-mail address of the user, including a unique link of verification (common technological link verification procedure). To get a user account on the webpage/application activated and provide full access to the user account, he has to click on this specific link, which verifies its linked e-mail address and redirects to the homepage of the webpage/application, with direct access to the provided services of the webpage betsuperb.com.


After the e-mail verification procedure, eacu user gains 14-days-free access on every service provided by the webpage/application. The expiration of the 14-days-free access is calculated minute by minute, after 14 days. E.g.: If a registration is verified on 01/07/2018, 08:03, 14-days-free access for this particular user expires on 15/07/2018, 08:03.

Betsuperb.com managing and administration team & ownership retain the right to block and remove account access to users, members or customers of betsuperb.com webpage for security, malicious, malware and abusive reasons and actions.



Monthly subscription on the webpage/application can be paid on 3 different ways. If the user/member chooses bank wire transfer for the payment, he has to deposit money on any way on the company bank account of KV Advertising and content services. All data and information for this particular bank account can be accordingly found in the relevant inner webpage. In this case, the user/member needs to fill his e-mail into the admin field about bank wire transfer action, so as the payment to be validated and the user/member that completed each particular payment to be identified. Only after these previous actions, the transaction will be considered as complete.

In case of automatic payment through debit/credit/prepaid card, the user/member is being automatically redirected in protected environment of safety, of Cardlink company, in collaboration with Eurobank Ergasias SA bank. The user/member completes the payment into this safe third-party environment, which accepts the payment. Cardlink software followingly redirects to the server of webpage betsuperb.com and the activation of the subscription, along with the access of the paid services, is confirmed.

In case of payment transaction through PayPal environment, the user/member is accordingly redirected to PayPal webpage. Afterwards, the user/member has to sign in or register into PayPal safe environment, where the payment is going to be completed on behalf of the betsuperb.com PayPal account, linked on the e-mail address admin@betsuperb.com.

Subscription payment can be considered as finalized when the payment transaction has been completed and the amount of money has been deposited under any legal account of KV Advertising and Content Services.


Monthly subscription on webpage betsuperb.com can be completed at any time between 24 hours of a day and can also be renewed for the following month 24 hours a day, at any time of the days. The official time of the renewal of the monthly subscription is the minute after the expiration of the precedent subscription of the same user or member.

If a member completed 3 subseguent renewals of his monthly subscripition, the website/application is automatically offering 1 additional month for free! In order the renewals to be considered as subsequent, any minute elapse between subscriptions is not allowed.


Webpage betsuperb.com reserves payback policy, which follows definite rules.

Subscription cancellation or/and payment refund are allowed till the issue of legal receipt. After legal receipt is issued, any request for subscription cancellation or payment refund will not be accepted.

In subscription cancellation procedure, you have to send e-mail to e-mail address admin@betsuperb.com, enclosing your IBAN of bank account. Cardlink Integration system (debit/credit/prepaid cards, driven by Eurobank Ergasias SA bank institution) is not available for payback policy.

Betsuperb.com webpage/application preserves the right to send legal receipt on the e-mail address of member/user within a reasonable space of time after the confirmation of the payment through any accepted method of payment gateway. If a receipt happens not to be sent within this reasonable space of time, the member/user is not granted with the right of claiming subscription pause or cancellation, neither money refund. This delay of receipt reception through e-mail address is happening only is the case of a random technical issue on the sending procedured and is considered to have already been issued by the company that owns the webpage/application.

Webpage betsuperb.com reserves the right of sharing personal information through e-mails only as far as bank transactions for refund or subscription cancellation requests are concerned. The previous piece of information may be sent only on behalf of Eurobank Ergasias SA or Cardlink technicians.


According with the greek law and guidance for digital products and services, the right of withdrawal of 14-months-time from the purchase of the service is reserved for any user or member. However, after the e-mail validation procedure of each user/member and after the entrance on the services page of webpage betsuperb.com, every user and/or member agrees for direct downloading and content usage of the services of webpage betsuperb.com. In that particular case, the right of withdrawal is being voluntarily withdrawn. Each user/member reserves the right to cancel a purchase and subscription payment refund, in accordance with terms and condition of the paragraph 12.3.


All information, odds comparison, odds changes and betting forecasts that can be accessed into all types and pages of services (free or subscripted) on webpage betsuperb.com are clearly declared to be neutral pieces of adminrrmation. They only exist as indications of betting information, which cannot at any time be considered as certain for validation, verification and arrangement. Website betsuperb.com also clarifies that the full content of the webpage/application is only offered for advisory reasons and can only be considered as that. The website/application has no intention to promote betting practice and behaviour, or exposure of visitors/users/members to betting ang gambling addiction, usage and money loss. All data and information that being presented and offered by the webpage/application may be considered as valid, but they do not commit visitors/users/members of the website/application to any action. They can by no means considered as guide of certain success on betting practices and bet slips. Webpage betsuperb.com clearly declares that is exclusively functioning as an adminrmative mass media webpage for betting industry and forecasts/suggestions for sportsbook betting.


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